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Hobbies, Pastimes, Music, Films, Art What's your passion? Your favorite hobby? What brings joy into your life and helps distract you from PD?

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Old November 12th, 2013, 05:17 PM
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Default Poetry


If Fortune comes in lush good will and grants
To us the wonders of her boundless store,
Will silver rivers run in restless pants
And golden showers rain so much the more?
If, bending to bestow her gifts, she frees
At last from luckless, narrow cells and lets
Expand our glittering desires, will ease
Enlarge our hearts to suit or, as it sets
Loose lust, imprison fast our worthier parts?
Will Fortune's pets embrace a thinner creed,
To end their joy where their abundance starts?
Will they become the guardians of their greed?
Oh, better not to rise in Fortune's grace,
But live in wealth still watching for her face.
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