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Default Starting to get some new symptoms

This disease affects everyone differently. My problems are mostly mobility with my left leg. Mostly all my PD symptoms are on my left side. I also have bone on bone elbow arthritis in my left elbow which makes uncontrollable dyskinesia movements a lot of fun. I started using a cane. I've recently noticed a big decrease in my sense of smell and also more stalling-freezing while walking. This happens towards end of dose. I find that my first dose of pills in the morning-4 Rytary 95 and 1 Entacapone 200 is the best, I can almost function normally for 4 hours or so. Subsequent doses are not as effective. God forgive me if I have a Bacon, Egg and Cheese On a hard roll (standard New Jersey breakfast) before I dose. Protein destroys my PD medication. I can barely walk. Watch out for protein!!!!-especially bacon!
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