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Default Re: Problems With Walking and Balance

I too have Parkinsonís. I was diagnosed in January 2010. My Parkinsonís is only mild thank goodness but it affects my legs from my knees to my ankles. I have a remedial massager who comes to my home once a week and this does help. I am on Sinemet 100mgs/25 that is Levadopa/Carbidopa. I take one of these every three hours until the last does at 6pm then when ready to go to sleep I take /50 SR to take me through the night I am also on Sifrol which controls my restless legs which I have suffered from for many years. Your doctor is the one that controls your medication and as Ludiemae and J commented everyone is different. I find that the 3hourly Sinemet suits me better. Walking and exercise is the best thing you can do. If you can join a group you will exercise more. We are all on this forum to help one another log in a regularly as you can there is always someone you can talk to from VS Australia
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