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Default Re: Problems With Walking and Balance

Hello, Gayle --
I have had PD for over 20 years now. Sometimes it seems I have always had it! My symptoms, surprisingly, are still mild. Like you, I rarely have a tremor at all, but my balance is impaired enough that I am aware of it daily. Tai chi has helped; I've been practicing it over five years. I can still run (downhill, at least ) for short distances, but I know I'd be pushing my luck if I ran for more than a minute here or there. My last fall was several years ago now, and I believe sinemet has really helped me in maintaining balance. I started taking it after my third fall.

But you are right to consult your doctor. You may need to experiment with dosages of sinemet or with combinations of medications to get the best results. It does seem to me that if the trouble with balance began fairly recently, you should be able to find a treatment that will improve your situation at least for a time. Of course, I add the usual disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and all PD patients have different experiences with this unpredictable disease. But I hope that you can find a solution. There is a lot of trial-and-error work in treating PD.

Best wishes,
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